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The Collaboration Studio


the collaboration studio

Working together, yet separately is the story behind the development of the studio.  JoAnne Hayden (Pivotal Perspectives) and Kim Surian (Surian Consulting) have been friends and colleagues for almost 20 years.  Their passion and commitment to coaching and personal growth has brought them together to develop the Collaboration Studio.  A place where those with closely aligned values can co-create and find, in each other, the resources and encouragement to move forward.


Our studio

a place for growth

Located in the heart of downtown red deer, our studio is a welcoming space for growth, reflection and learning.  With large windows overlooking a vibrant and bustling downtown street, this space is designed to facilitate both one-on-one sessions, as well as groups up to 10 people.

a collaboration space

Our table seats 8 and our whiteboard is ready for creative ideas.  This is the table we use for much of our training. Keeping groups intimate offers the best learning experience and allows for individual attention from the facilitator.

Our seating area seats 4 comfortably, of course more chairs can be moved over, we have had groups of 8 in this area of our studio.

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Collaboration Invitation

collaborate with us

Working with and encouraging a community of life-wellness practitioners is one of our goals in putting together the studio.  

  • Collaborate on a project
  • Be a CHAPTER NOTES discussion facilitator

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To get in touch, send us an email at, or call us at 403.396.9917 or 403.340.0947