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Pivotal Perspectives

Pivotal Perspectives is a coaching, leadership and communication resource. Pivotal Perspectives is dedicated to helping each individual pull from their strengths and take control over things that seem out of control and out of reach within their life.  By exploring values, beliefs and choices clients identify the gifts and inner wisdom that will provide them with the information to make decisions affecting both the present and future.



The cornerstone of Pivotal Perspectives coaching encourages action and changes in behavior based on increased self-awareness.  Through exploring and defining values, beliefs and choices, clients are better able to meet their goals with confidence.

Individual Coaching

  • Available to those looking to develop greater self-awareness, enabling choices and decisions to be made with confidence.  The focus is on helping each client to discover their goals through the exploration of values, beliefs and choices.

Couples Coaching

  • Available to those who are looking to create a stronger unified bond and get on the same page regarding there relationship. Couples Coaching is done individually but all homework given in each person’s session is to be completed together, ensuring greater self-awareness for each individual and the sharing of thoughts and ideas through homework.  As each individual becomes more self aware and can stand in their own strength, they then can build an open and honest relationship.

Parent Coaching

  • Available to those parents looking to parent from their values and strengths.  Every family is unique and comes with unique relationships, which you as the parent are the expert on.  Parent coaching is about bringing your best self into parenting and learning to by kind and gentle with yourself when best self is not available.

Team Coaching

  • Available to teams who want to be their most productive and positive selves as they are working together. Team coaching involves discovering strengths and opportunities for growth as well as how to constructively manage conflicts.

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Collaborative Learning

We offer training and workshops tailored to the specific needs of a group on topics related to coaching, leadership and communication. We provoke new ways of thinking and provide concrete steps and strategies to shift into the new way of thinking. Participants leave knowing what is important to them and how to act on those important items. 

Collaboration is the basis to any of our workshops or training. We like to work with people to learn about who they are and what they need, often simultaneously as they do. All learning is accompanied with actionable steps to allow knowledge to be turned into action.

Upcoming Learning Opportunities with Pivotal Perspectives

  • Coaching Conversations
    • Coaches are trained to treat people as capable. We are not in the business of telling people what to think or how to go about something; this is not because we don't have ideas for how others could live their lives. It is because we are acutely aware that it is their life, all of it. Only they know what will be helpful to them. Whether you are eager to improve your conversations at work or at home, this class is for you.
    • You will learn:
      • Listening & self-management
      • Permissions & assumptions
      • Investing skills
      • Reflective Strategies
    • See the Collaborative Learning page for registration information
  • Living a Life of Values for Couples
    • Values are what is important to us, what we 'value', and what gives us purpose. This is true for ourselves as well as our relationship. This workshop is designed to assist you in identifying and using your values to learn more about each other and build a stronger unified relationship.
      • Identifying our own values
      • Learn the values of your partner and how they play a role in your relationship
      • Identify your relationship values
        • Learn to give attention to the value not the argument
        • Make choices that honor your values while not stepping on the values of our partner.


One’s ability to let others grow, develop and own their own solutions takes practice and a strong belief in permission. This is what makes the Pivotal Perspectives way of leadership so impactful.

  • We take the time to get to know you, your business and your goals.
  • We listen and assist you through providing consultation and questions that assist you in discovering your values, beliefs and choices.
  • We remain the consultant as you are the expert in your life and your business; our job is to provide the opportunity for you to discover your own solutions.
  • We build relationships constructed on trust, mutual respect and empowerment; this provides the courage and strength for our clients to explore habits, judgments and assumptions that are holding them back from moving towards their goals.



About Joanne

JoAnne holds a degree in Sociology, is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and the founding member of Pivotal Perspectives, a coaching and leadership company whose mission is to impact our world in a meaningful, creative and deeply constructive way.
Through innovative ideas and practices, she empowers others to communicate from a place of strength and teaches the skills required to make choices based on values and beliefs.
JoAnne believes that people hold their own answers. Her expertise is in helping her clients discover those answers. She is powerful in her approach to coaching and leadership as she steps forward with her clients towards their goals.

JoAnne is the mom of two very amazing young men.   Her world changed dramatically in 2000 with the illness of her husband and subsequent death.  This life shift brought her into the world of coaching.  It was a way for her to see the world differently and take control over her life.  The strength and wisdom that she found within, amazed her, and it is this strength and wisdom that she assists her clients in discovering.